„Women in Art“ Group Exhibition January / February 2019. Vernissage on 18th January

What a beautiful Vernissage „Women in Art“ on Friday – a celebration of female art in all its forms! 🙂

13 artists showcased their paintings with me, coming from Korea, Italy, Nigeria, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany – what an international girl squad! 🙂 But apart from paintings (abstract, portraits, landscapes etc.), there were two ladys playing jazz music throughout the evening. Aaaaand as if that was not enough to make for an interesting evening, our Gallerist Romullo together with his press friend Gesche had organized a podium discussion/interviews on women in the arts, our experiences as female artists and why women are still underrepresented in the art world. I am happy I got invited to participate in this and to tell more about my artwork, why I started painting, what I think about women in arts and what my full time job as a headhunter has shown me about women and men in the workplace. Apart from me, there were two absolutely amazing artists on stage and I was thorougly impressed by their experiences and reflections: Sara Ezzell from the US, currently a ballerina at the Hamburg Ballet who had danced the leading role in Giselle at the Kirov at Ballet he early age of 19 (!), and the entertaining soprano singer Corinne Schaefer, also from the States who had been a lead in Phantom der Opera. To sum it up, it was interesting, entertaining and it got me inspired to do some more artwork very soon. Not to forget, most importantly, I got to meet many wonderful female artists with whom I hope to stay in touch 🙂 Thanks again to Romullo for organizing this remarkable event and really, for being an amazing Gallerist full of creative ideas and an open mind! 

Find some impressions of the opening night here:



Message from 04th January, announcing the Vernissage:

Dear friends, I hope you all had a great start into the new year 2019 and a fabulous christmas time with your family and loved ones. I went to New York for my birthday and the holiday season and what can I say – amazing city, amazing time.

I am very happy and proud to announce that I will take part in a new group exhibition and the story behind it. 

Back in November, my gallerist Romullo Azaro who had organized the „Beyond art“ exhibition in October & November, called me up to ask if we can extend the cooperation for another exhibition – I was very happy about the offer, but was mega thrilled when he told me the theme of the exhibition:

„Women in art“!!!

Could there be a more fitting topic for me? 🙂 I doubt it. The main idea of the exhibition is to support female artists and to fight against ongoing female underrepresentation in the art world. I believe everyone should visit it who either likes art in general or wants to support more gender equality in the art world.

Just to give you an idea of the quite sad current status of women equality in the art world (we talk about 2019 here, not 1900!):

Women in art 2019 – statistics: https://nmwa.org/sites/default/files/shared/getthefacts_master-statistics_5womenartists.pdf

Things are slowly changing for the better. When I was in New York, I went to the Guggenheim Museum to see the exhibition of the female artist Hilma af Klint and it was amazing. I liked my boyfriends comment that after checking out exhibitions at the MOMA, Andy Warhol exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American art and several others in New York, he liked this exhibition best – not because she was female but because it was simply the more interesting art in his opinion: https://www.guggenheim.org/exhibition/hilma-af-klint:

„When Hilma af Klint began creating radically abstract paintings in 1906, they were like little that had been seen before: bold, colorful, and untethered from any recognizable references to the physical world. It was years before Vasily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Piet Mondrian and others would take similar strides to rid their own artwork of representational content. Yet while many of her better-known contemporaries published manifestos and exhibited widely, af Klint kept her groundbreaking paintings largely private. She rarely exhibited them and, convinced the world was not yet ready to understand her work, stipulated that it not be shown for twenty years following her death. Ultimately, her work was all but unseen until 1986, and only over the subsequent three decades have her paintings and works on paper begun to receive serious attention.“

To speed up the change, come to our „women in art“ exhibition and support our cause!


  • 8 international female artists in a group exhibition
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/207372713508528/


  • Vernissage: Friday, 18th January 2019 at 6 pm
  • Exhibition: 18th January 2019 – 16th February 2019 


  • „Werkkunst Gallery“ Eppendorfer Weg 235, 20251 Hamburg, Germany 
  •  This is the brand new branch of the Italian „InArte Werkkunst“ gallery from Bergamo, Italy 

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