About me

My name is Anna Ladyshenski. I am a Director at a leading international recruitment agency, where I lead a business unit of 20 people.

In parallel to my business career, I rediscovered the creativity and artsiness of my youth in 2016, when my boyfriend RenĂ© encouraged me to buy my first canvas and to draw my first Acryl painting („Just pleasure, no duty“). 

Since then, I have created numerous paintings, all of which I declare „feminist art/expressionism“. Art about female liberation, doubts, sacrifice and achievements  in historical contexts and in fiction. It is artwork done by a woman, about women, for women and men who support women. It is a celebration of femininity & feminism that shall inspire many generations of women.

From 2017 onwards, I have had several art exhibitions in Germany, at various galleries and art locations. My first exhibition was named a culture tip on German TV and was featured in the popular event guide „heuteinhamburg“. And this is just the beginning….I am on a mission to give the world art that inspires women to achieve, to fight and to value themselves for who they are and to celebrate their spiritual, emotional and physical beauty. Join me.