Finissage „Female Warriors“ 15th April 2018

Art, cool street style venue, cakes, drinks and live music performances on a relaxed Sunday afternoon? On 15th April, it was the last day of my very first own exhibition at Bizco & Emily. Since this exhibition was a dream come true, I felt like celebrating this special moment one last time. We organized cakes/sweets and to make the whole event more dynamic, I organized two amazing live music acts for the afternoon.

I was really happy that so many people showed up, friends, colleagues and new aquaintances – it meant the world to me! Already looking forward to future events of that kind ­čÖé



Kate Shine:


Bizco & Emily, Stockmeyerstra├če 41-43, 20457 Hamburg, Germany:

Photos by Rene Ahrens & Konstantin Odin 

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