„Kunst meets Grill“ – Live Painting @ Hamburger Stadtpark, 27th May 2018

After we returned from our holiday in France, my boyfriend and I went for a walk at Hamburger Stadtpark and saw a guy drawing there on a small canvas. That gave us two ideas. Firstly, we should also come to the parc and draw, well I draw and my boyfriend grills in the meantime to not get bored. Secondly, we can invite people and make a little live painting event out of it and invite people to join – how cool is that!? I decided to call it „Kunst meets Grill“. We did that end of May and it was very nice. Compared to the other exhibitions, it was very small and way more relaxed since we decided to tell our friends, to make one major facebook post, and to buy enough food for us and a couple of more and to just go with the flow. I like, since this is what relaxed Sundays are about 🙂 I also found it nice that many bypassers were checking out the painting and one nice woman and her daughter had come up all the way from another town to have a look, since they had seen my facebook post – so lovely 🙂 To be repeated with good weather…

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